Here Comes the Sun

Little darlin’ it’s been a long cold lonely winter. I remember my brother playing this on his guitar many summers ago. As we start to believe that these sunny days may last, I welcome the warmth and promise of better days ahead.
I just found a diary fragment from 2014, a bad year for me in which I had a major depressive episode which rendered me unable to enjoy every aspect of my life, from eating to being with my family and friends. Discharged from hospital in the spring, I found the first signs of summer – new growth on the trees, birdsong, the sun on my face – unbearable, and drifted about indoors, wishing for rain. It was a glorious summer, with a new grandchild born in June, but I felt nothing, except a huge sense of guilt and loss.
The right medication and psychological help eventually helped me back to a kind of equilibrium, but it’s only over the past year that I’ve felt secure enough to be happy. One of the first signs of recovery was falling completely in love with my grandson. Being with him is a constant joy.

On Thursday we we were back to seasonal rain for our trip down the Clyde by Steam Puffer VIC 32. Our motley crew of retirees had a jolly time in spite of the weather. Black smoke from the funnel and the toot of the steam whistle conjured instant Para Handy recall. Two years ago I would have been unable to cope with talking to strangers in a confined space! But I chatted, sketched and enjoyed an excellent lunch with a few glasses of wine.

Beauty notes: I’ve been noticing how many women over 60 have no eyebrows. I counted at least four in our group today Years of plucking have taken their toll and necessitate drawing in pencilled arches. I only once had mine professionally done before my wedding in 1970, resulting in wedding photos marred by my minimal brows. Mine are still fairly bushy but starting to grey.

I use Laura Mercier gel brow definer in Fair, applied with an angled brush (Bobbie Brown does a good one).

I’ve also become a fan of MAC cosmetics, currently offering free delivery. I tend to browse the counters, get colour matched, then top-up online. I’ve just invested in their Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation and matching Pressed Powder, guaranteed to last all day in any climate conditions. I’ll see how they perform in my month-long trip to the US in July.
We’ve finally ordered our Volkswagen campervan. It has to be built in Germany so we have to wait until Autumn for delivery, but we’re having fun researching and buying things like melamine plates and a Remoska cooker.
I’d welcome comments if there’s anything that strikes a chord with you. Email me personally if you’d rather not post publicly.

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