Lockdown Art

Now that we are finally moving on,we hope, beyond Covid restrictions, I thought I’d look back at some of the work I did during those months of lockdown and just after.  Drawing and painting became even more important to me as I was limited by physical constraints too.  I haven’t included personal cards made for friends and family.

Just after my knee replacement in  February 2020, I set up my mum’s 1950’s trolley as a temporary workspace. 

My first painting was of tulips Cannyrob gave me.  They really cheered me up!

I was really missing my grandson and wrote to him every week.  I sent him this drawing of him playing football.

On my daily walk I saw rainbows in windows and painted this one for us.  As the boy next door pointed out, I got the colours the wrong way round!  Symbolic? Reverse rainbow?

I made this card for the staff of our Corner Shop who delivered our paper regularly when we were self-isolating
I created this huge pastel on Amazon packing paper in response to Shelagh talking about Rubenesque shapes and juicy buttocks in our Zoom Pilates class.  Cannyrob insisted on having it framed above our bed!

I did these for Shelagh who had liked my Nude Pilates picture.

Sent these to my grandson to explain virtual hugs.  It was very hard not to be able to hug the people we love

Multi media portait of my best friend in secondary school and university.  She died far too young.

Pen and watercolour:. Wee Boys in the snow

Collage wall of theatre programmes dating from 196O’s

Pen and watercolour.  Spring flowers from my neighbour

Mixed media two panels for Weeboy as Spiderman

Pen on paper: A Dream of Dying

Pen and watercolour: Gairloch  100 starlings

Charcoal Michaela Coela

I did this as a project for a close friend who  was an English teacher.  The collage creatures are made from an old copy of  A Study of Standard English

Pen and watercolour: sunflowers

I really enjoyed doing the free online Saturday Sketch Club with the Royal Academy.  It covered still life. life drawing, botanical drawing, collage and abstract art.

Screenprint Roman Images DCA Print Studio where I had my fall on 30th October

Why is it always Alice?  Mixed media

I hope these have all displayed correctly.  You may need to click on some images to see the whole picture.  Let me know if there are problems!  

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