A Blast of Januar’ Wind

My title comes from the song Rantin’Rovin,Robin. As Christmas approached I realised I was verging on over-activity…..towards the top end of normal.  I felt the chill that precedes a dip in my mood. All the Wash House and home improvements have been exciting, but obsession with completion is not really healthy.  I sometimes bask in the ‘wow you do so much’ feedback, but there is always a price to pay.    Stepping back, calming down, reading, getting enough sleep are some of the things I need to stay well.Posting on Facebook and Instagram becomes a competition with myself.  I enjoy the likes and the comments, my ego fed by Meta’s awarding of titles. ‘Rising Creator’!!  It means nothing in the real world. 

I have to manage this change in mood.  Feedback from friends and family is invaluable. Advice from psychiatrist, and using a mood tracker app help me get things back in perspective.


After working frantically to finish painting the sitting room and get the carpet laid before the new sofa arrived, it has been utter bliss to sit on it and watch our new telly.  A day with the family became #Christmas DIY, involving putting up curtains and pole, decorating the tree and discovering just how very smart a new tv can be.  Although WeeBoy had a cough, he had fun rediscovering our familiar decorations and eating quantities of olives.  Son cut an imposing figure by the fire in his silver crown, a bit like Robert the Bruce.

New Years Past and Present

I especially remember 1979/80. Daughter got the new Abba album and we played it all the time.  We were part of a group of couples who always saw in the New Year together.  As we had the youngest children, our house was the obvious venue. Everyone brought food and there was lots to drink. At that time we were very much part of the community, knew everyone, left our doors unlocked.

Life is very different now. Cannyrob and I have seen in New Years in Prague and Bruges, but mostly at home on our own. Our street is generally quiet, with lights out soon after midnight. This suits us fine, although we did have a grand day out to Glasgow this week to see the lights. We went on the bus, stayed overnight and had dinner in a favourite restaurant. We had a top floor room with a view, the snag being the random nature of the lift which kept returning the same bemused group of elderly ladies to the 18th floor each time we pressed the call button.

Tarot Reading: The Moon

This stage on the Tarot journey is sometimes described as The Dark Night of the Soul. As well as embodying dangers, the Moon also provides compassionate care and an illuminated onward path. Let us hope that many of the challenges faced in 2022 can be left behind. Ahead lies uncertainty but we can use our intuitive insight to find a way forward.

by Sophie McKay Knight The Painted Tarot

Reading, Listening and Watching

Not much reading done this month although lots of audio books and music listened to while painting. Here is the pile of titles I am longing to dive into now! I have some Kindle books lined up too. Reviews next month.

On the bookshelf

Audiobooks have been ideal while while sanding and painting. Cannyrob told me about the Neil Gaiman Christmas Carol, live at the New York Public Library, using Dickens’ own prompt copy.

I’ve listened to music a lot too: a vintage Christmas album including Every Little Girl would like to be the Fairy on the Christmas Tree, a recent version of Mozart’s Requiem, Retrospective by Suzanne Vega, Madonna The Immaculate Collection.

Watching…..since the new telly was finally unboxed.

Ghosts US, Knives Out, The White Lotus, the Handmaid’s Tale, Aladdin, Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker, Coppelia, Made in Chelsea ( that baby episode!). Zulu.

Bourne’s Nutcracker

So Here It Is – 2023

Where did last year go? Why does life go past so quickly as we get older? For most of us there were cancelled plans, bouts of Covid and other viruses. We’ve had climate events, rising prices, uncertainty where there should be calm….For all of us I wish good health, warmth, special times with family and friends, comfort and joy. Keep in touch in whatever way suits you. With love to you all, Elinor

By Elinor Kirk

Granma of WeeBoy, mum of Daughter, Son and Daughter, partner of Cannyrob, blogger since 1999, retired dramatherapist, would-be artist with Gothic leanings.


  1. My New Year resolution – to read Elinor’s blog within 24 hours of receipt and being thankful for the pleasure in the writing.

    Keep them coming.

    Regards Jim


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