“Here cometh April again”

and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever”

Charles Lamb

Calling You

Cannyrob and I have trouble communicating in our three-storey  house.   I thought of the Indian Love Call from Rose Marie. Apologies to the indigenous peoples of Canada!  So we are trying this….






After lots of social interaction and phone calls, this quote from The Wyrding Way leapt out at me.

Tarot Reading for April

My random choice is The Wheel of Fortune.  Personally spot on as I wait for hospital appointments and maybe a diagnosis. This card has appeared in the past at times of crisis when the world has seemed a threatening place. The theme is Fate versus Free Will, conflict between the opposing figures of Anubis, a positive force and Typhon the god of destruction, who rise and fall as the wheel turns.  The crowned creature at the top is a sphinx, the negative mother. We can only try to make sense of these contradictory elements and choose our own path.

Goth Granma’s Fashion Feature

Back by popular request….see Darkness Returns , September 2021

I love Gothic looks and embellishment. I have been adding to my denim jacket since I bought it in 1997.  I like to wear comfy, flamboyant garments, oversized, in black, red and strong patterns.  Online shops such as EMP are  a good source of ‘alternative’ fashion.  I also love making and mending clothes and knitting jumpers and hats. I possess few pairs of shoes, wearing boots in winter and sandals in summer. Fly and Birkenstock are my go to brands, although I have one pair of highly impractical Irregular Choice shoes, bought in 2012, worn to my own and several other weddings, which live in a glass fronted cabinet.   Do let me know your thoughts on fashion!  Would you like more? What’s your style? Should clothes be age appropriate?

Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?  A real-life drama

It started with a tentative knock.  Son and I were in our favourite coffee shop for lunch. 

Did you hear that?



That knocking?

Then a voice, tremulous.

I think I’m locked in.

More knocking, louder this time.

Somebody’s locked in the toilet.  I was stuck in there one time. It’s not an easy lock to turn.

The manager appears and crouches outside the door. 

Have you tried turning it?  Right, try it the other way.  Muffled words, possibly *#!?*

Im just going to get a screwdriver.  We’ll get you out in a minute!

He returns wielding a screwdriver, the picture of confidence.

This sometimes happens.  You just need to..

(wiggling screwdriver) …….

The voice behind the door grows louder.  Please –  get me out!

Another male member of staff brings a different screwdriver and uses technical terms like clockwise and latch, confidently poking into the lock.

 Just about there now.                     

He retires defeated.   Wails now turn to sobs. 

Conversation at tables gradually dies down.  Manager kneels by the door saying

It’s all right we’re going to get you out. The fire brigade have been called they should be here in about 10 minutes. Is there anything you need? 

Son and I speculate about the logistics of pushing a cheese toastie under the door.   Sure enough, a large red vehicle soon arrives outside and out come four yellow-clad figures with helmets and large implements.

Stand aside says the one in charge and begins to hit the door with a heavy hammer.  

No result. Screams from inside.  The helmets mutter together and one of the the spacemen heads back to the vehicle.  He returns with a long stick with a pointy metal blade on the end. More discussion. More crying.   (Meanwhile, there is a steady queue of people asking if they can use the toilet, not noticing the guys in yellow, unware that it is really out of the question)

More sobbing, more reassurance, then the pointy tool is inserted into the door jamb. Finally, with additional blows from other implements, and a horrible splintering sound, the door swings open.  A tear-stained, pale-faced young woman is helped through the doorway, wrapped in a blanket and settled in a chair.

Can I get you anything?  asks the manager.

One of the firemen says:

I should think you’ll be getting a year’s worth of free coffee!

I think I’ll probably be safe enough using the toilet once it has a new lock and maybe a new door….

Reading, Listening and Watching

The Fell by Sarah Moss, set during lockdown, is sparsely told and engaging. Elektra by Jennifer Saint is yet another take on the story of Troy, well worth reading, beautifully told.   The Maidens by Alex Michaelides is an ambitious attempt at a complex psychological murder story with references to Greek myths.  Readable, but not convincing. Strangely, my next book, The Whispering Muse, also has Greek mythology as a theme.  Another Gothic ghost story from Laura Purcell, it’s set in the world of Victorian theatre.   The Trespasser is the 6th book in Tana French’s excellent Dublin Murder Squad series.

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver was such a great audiobook I bought the original novel to read.  The Field of Swords by Conn Iggulden continues the Emperor series.

Television has offered plenty of choice. My Unorthodox Life, Better, Slow Horses,  the end of Marie Antoinette, Series 1, The Last of Us,  The Gold, Servant (with its final bizarre last episode) and a new series of Succession! Blue Lights Belfast is a promising fast-paced drama series.


Our table with Tinder cupcakes

My nephew’s wedding was a very happy day with elaborate decor, a solo violinist, lots of kilts and high heels.  Bride stunning in lace, bridesmaid a vision in white satin.  No music we could dance to but lots to drink. It was lovely  being with my Sister and her family.

Signing off till next time

I very much appreciate the feedback I get from many of you each month and hope this will continue. As I find myself less able to get out and about, my friends (on and offline) give me so much happiness. Thank you.  Elinor xx