On Silent Wings

Goodbye to another icon of our times. The glorious Tina Turner has gone. This is the song I played on repeat when I was heartbroken many years ago.

Facebook Survey

First, thanks to all of you who completed my Facebook mini survey. Good to know that you like most things, especially personal stories and my sketchbook.  Fashion will continue to feature as well as books.

Another Personal Story

After almost a year of tests, I have now seen a consultant who has a probable explanation for the symptoms which have been creeping up for some time: tremor, vertigo and balance problems along with trouble walking. I am hoping a brain scan and MRI will provide a clear diagnosis before too long

While waiting and worrying, I have had a dip in my mood. My psychiatrist has offered support and increased medication and the fog and flatness are receding at last.  I’ve been sleeping a lot and listening to white noise.  My sewing has gone slowly, frustrated by slow thinking and clumsiness.  I feel very far from the person I want to be. My addiction to technology has given me an excuse to buy a Galaxy watch which sends an SOS message if I fall, so Cannyrob can leave me in the house without worrying.

Tarot Card for June Wheel of Fortune

With particular resonance for me, with fate and free will at odds, this card represents a mid point in our journey. The uncertainty is not knowing where the wheel will stop, as in March when this card last appeared. War, refugees, food banks…….

Music  and Television

In 2018 we bought tickets to see Elton John then for Bruce Springsteen in 2022.  The concert dates have arrived at last but Cannyrob had to negotiate last minute disabled access for me.  Finally achieved.

Springsteen at Murrayfield

Getting ourselves into the venue was a challenge. Cannyrob pushed me all the way round the Stadium twice only to be told that if we waited twenty minutes we might be re-allocated to the accessible seating. Eventually after circling the Stadium again, we were directed to a lift and into the disabled seating area. Cannyrob appeared with coffee and doughnuts. This had the advantage of avoiding people pushing past with overflowing drinks to reach their seats. The concert was classic Springsteen, maybe not quite as powerful as the Hampden gig in 2003 but with an emotional Born to Run in the long finale.

Baby panda had never seen so many people. Had they all come to see him?

Succession came to an end in a finale which was both satisfying and intriguing. One of the best series ever. A bit like Six Feet Under. The musical score was an important element, a work of art in itself.

My favourite reality show since it launched in 2010. Recent seasons show Covid disrupting their glam lives.

Reading and Listening

I’ve embarked on a hefty read, Orhan Pamuk’s Nights of Plague, a complex historical novel. At 600+ pages it may take me a while. My current audio book is the newly published Johnson at 10, 20 hours long, a really fascinating account of recent history, with first-hand accounts of events that seem hardly credible even now. We went to see Ruby Wax at a Toppings event in St Andrews. I’ve followed her career with interest as she has opened up discussion about mental illness. I have her new book to read.

As some light relief  I have the last two Ellie Griffiths Ruth Galloway books on my Kindle.  I also have a pile of new books waiting to be read….more on those next month

Too Wit too Woo, a Merry Note…?

Gothgranma’s Beauty Blether

I just discovered a budget skin care and make-up range endorsed by Sali Hughes, Guardian beauty writer.  I really like the eye makeup primer and eye brightener.  Nothing covers elderly eye bags, but a  bit of glitzy eye shadow distracts attention. I’ve used a mix of black and gold from the Mini Chocolate Palette. You can see why I like to wear glasses.  Daughter has been advocating retinol for a while so I’m trying it on my deeper wrinkles.  Will report back.  The range is REVOLUTION, online and from Boots.

Retinol with rosehip, ultimate eye base, eye bright corrector and mini chocolate shadow palette.

Having set off once again on an overnight stay without a lipstick, a quick trip to Boots located a most acceptable matte chilli red for £3 by No 17. Any beauty tips you’d like to share?

And Finally

I havent written much this month, which reflects my mood. I have sketches ready but not photographed. Maybe I’m hoping to hear from you. My blog is even more important to me now as a way of keeping in touch with friends who read and respond. Or just read.  I have regular exchanges with fellow bloggers and a friend who does a make-up vlog. If you feel like it, please message me in whichever way suits you.  And I do reply if possible.